Purim 2015 Megila Readings and more

MaAriv and Megilla:Thursday, 6:15pm, 2nd reading:@ the
Lewis residence,16 Beér Sheva-9:00pm

Shacharit/Megila Reading to follow
Friday, 7:45am, 2nd Megilla @Swidler, 12
Korazin -10am

Matanot LaEvyonim
will be collected by the Rabbi, Gabbaim and Treasurer starting this Motzash till
Shacharit on Purim and will be distributed to the needy during Purim. If you live out of Yerusholayim, let the Rav know by Wednesday 058-500-4182 or email (kolrinarav@gmail.com ).

Zecher Lemachatztit Hashekel
will be collected at Shul